Denim Defined: Exploring the Craft of Selvedge Denim

Denim Defined: Exploring the Craft of Selvedge Denim

When we look at jeans in general, then they were initially made in the Northern side of America with the help of denims. However denim was actually originated in Nimes which is in France. This was also known as twill of Nimes or Serge de Nimes because of the place of origin. Denim is usually made with the help of durable cotton and a strong woven technique as well that is very unique.

Making of denim

There are a lot of questions people have when it comes to denim like how they are actually made, what are the efforts required to produce denim and the list goes on and on. During the initial days of denim, then they were actually made with hands. As the time went by, we can see improvement in technology that helps in enhancing the overall procedure to make denim.  

The unique blue color of denim is actually obtained with the help of indigo dye. This indigo color is produced artificially to make sure the overall production price id reduced, and the speed is increased.

There are mainly two ways to prepare denim, the shuttle loom and projectile loom method.

The saga of selvedge denim

Denim is a fabric which holds a lot of history with it and was highly used for making clothes worn by mine workers or anyone who has a very physical job. The main reason why denim was used was pretty simple which is the durability and pure strength it comes with. Coming to the present world, then they have been a vital part of everyone’s daily outfit. Talking about Selvedge, then in simple words it means self-edge. The main reason behind this is the finished edges it comes with. Stitching of selvedge was brought into this world just a few years ago and now they are one of the most popular finishing option. The stitching of selvedge denim comes with that old-fashion touch which is highly loved by people from all over the world.


selvedge denim

Difference between selvedge denim and non-selvedge denim:

Talking about selvedge denim, then they are usually prepared with shuttle loom. The thread is passed again and again without breaking anything which helps in achieving that smooth and constant finish.

Coming to non-selvedge denim, then they are prepared with the help of projectile loom. Each row has a separate stitching with is done with a single thread. The ending section is protected which helps in achieving that clean look.

The denim used in making selvedge denim is unwashed, whereas non-selvedge denim is made from prewashed denims.

The availability of selvedge denim is very low because they are popularly used by designers. Coming to non-selvedge denims, then we can find them in every store. This happens mainly because non-selvedge denims are easier to prepare.  

Selvedge denims are more on the expensive side which is fare considering the efforts and time required to prepare it. Whereas non selvedge denims are affordable which can be judged looking at the accessibility.

Is it worth buying selvedge denims?

Is spending the amount of money spent on selvedge denims even worth it? This is a question everyone of you must have right now. Denim is a fabric which is very popular and a must have in your wardrobe irrespective of what type of style you have. Denim comes with comfort, durability, and style, which is something you should have in your wardrobe. We can find different apparels made with denim like jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts, and the list goes on and on. Having at least denim items in your wardrobe is absolutely essential.

Looking at selvedge denims, then look at it as an investment which will last for some good number of years. The overall quality and longevity of selvedge denims makes it a must have in your closet. When it comes to clothes, then going for something which is expensive might sound like an odd idea in the beginning stages but as a few years go by you will see what you paid so much money for. If you in the market looking for something that will last you for many years and provide some amazing level of comfort, then considering selvedge denim is the deal.

Here are some more features of selvedge denim that can help in understanding things clearly:

They are only made from cotton and will provide that comfort all day long.

We can also find red tags which will show honor for everyone who love denim.

Look at selvedge denim as wine, it gets better with age.

Investing in an apparel which is high in quality is always better than buying a denim item which is low in quality.

If you were someone who had no idea about selvedge denim, then these points must have helped you a lot.

Price differences between non selvedge and selvedge denim

If you are wondering why selvedge denim comes with that huge price tag, then we have noted down a few points that will help you understand things clearly.

  • The overall price of selvedge denim is determined looking at the overall quality.
  • The labor required for selvedge denim is higher that the usual denims.
  • The time required to produce selvedge denim is higher than the usual ones which mainly happens because of how precise and detailed the work is.
  • Selvedge denims are rare to find as well and are mostly made by designers and huge brands.
  • Selvedge denim is more on the dense and heavy side when compared to usual denims.

These were some of the pointers which helps in determining the final price of selvedge denims.

Styling with Selvedge Denim:

Having selvedge denim in your wardrobe is absolutely amazing hands down. There are different types of outfits which you can create and even enhance with the help of selvedge denims.

To make things easier for you, we have created some ways you can style with selvedge denims for different types of events and occasions.

The sophisticated look

Denim is a great option to have when it comes to formal occasions. This might be something that looks odd for a lot of people but when we consider selvedge denims that are in grey color, then things are pretty much different. Selvedge denims comes with enough features that can help in styling them in formal styles. The combination of grey selvedge denim jeans along with a black formal outfit will be a great outfit that suits working situations like meetings and events. You can also include some attractive coats on this combination, and you have an astonishing outfit right here. 

Styling in casual

Having some leather pants in your casual outfit will definitely help in enhancing the outfit. However, when you go with selvedge denims, then the amount of comfort which you will get is unreal and you would want it on daily basis. To prepare an outfit for a casual occasion you can go with some denim jeans and denim shirt and wear it under a polo shirt. Go with some colorful sneakers as well to have that complete look. If it is sunny outside, then make sure you are going with some essential shades as well.

Semi-Formal style

There are times where the occasion is not the most causal but not formal as well. When you are not sure about the overall occasion, then just look to go with semi-formal outfits. Start preparing an outfit by going with some selvedge jeans paired with an undershirt and over it just adds denim jacket.

Final word

If you are reading this, then you have gained some amazing information regarding selvedge denims. Investing in this denim will give you some comfortable outfits for many years and years and you will feel like wearing it all day long and every day. We also learnt some ways you can style your selvedge denims according to the occasion.

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